Tile and Grout Cleaning

Are your tile and stone floors in need of some tender loving care?  Do your floors no longer represent the beautiful color and pattern you spent weeks making a final decision on?  Stop wasting your time and energy scrubbing and scrubbing on your hands and knees.  Let Pro Kleen show you our perfected process of restoring your flooring to that beautiful color.

Pro Kleen specializes in the cleaning and maintaining of your Tile and Grout surfaces. These surfaces can sometimes be some of the dirtier surfaces in the home. This is because soil and dirt are pushed into the porous tiles and often overlooked because there are no loose sediments or particles on the surface.

Dirt and grime gets trapped in the pores of your flooring and causes the surfaces to slowly become dark and look dirty.  This can be literally impossible to remove with everyday cleaning methods.  You may start to think that replacing your tile and grout flooring is the only solution.  At Pro Kleen we are ready to save you the hassle and money.  We are able to renew the original shine to your tile and grout.  Our specially formulated cleaning solution and equipment works deep down to remove all the built up grime that has accumulated over the years.  Over time mold, mildew and soil live in the pores of your flooring and give it a dirty look and feel. Our process not only cleans out the pores and restores the original color and feel to your flooring,  our special sealant also keeps harmful particles giving your kitchen and bathroom floors looking healthy.

At Pro Kleen our professionals are equipped with state of the art tools and machinery that is extremely effective at restoring your tile floors back to like new condition.

Our Process:

  • When cleaning your Tile and Grout surfaces Pro Kleen starts by lightly vacuuming over the surface to remove all loose particles and sediments.
  • The surface is then treated with a specially formulated detergent that breaks down surface oils and scum.
  • The surfaces are then hand scrubbed to loosen all ground in dirt.
  • Pro Kleen then uses a high pressure rinse to remove remaining dirt and detergent, leaving your tile and grout surfaces sparkling and refreshed.
  • We finish by applying a protective sealant for longer protection.

Pro Kleen is considered experts in working with all types of surfaces including Ceramic, Marble Surfaces, Porcelain, Granite and Limestone among others…


Once we have finished restoring your tile and flooring we will provide instructions on how to best take care of and maintain that fresh and healthy looking shine.  We will show you the best kinds of cleaners and sealants that do the best job.  Furthermore we will set up a pre-arranged cycle to see if your flooring may require some touch ups or resealing.  A regular program is the best option you have at keeping your floors in the best condition and looking like new.

Did You Know:

Many homeowners and businesses follow the same regimen when cleaning their floors. They drag out that yellow bucket with the dirty, old mop hardened into position.  Did you know that using a mop can actually press the mold, mildew, grime and dirt deeper into the pores of the flooring?  It is important to have your tile floors cleaned professionally and properly sealed to ensure that everyday maintenance is not making the problem worse.


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