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Full Service Carpet Cleaning 10 Step Package

1. Pre-Inspection: A chance for our certified technician to inspect your carpet and may ask you some basic questions on aging and wear to determine the best course of action regarding your carpet cleaning needs. During this time the technician will write up his professional recommendation for cleaning. An estimate will be provided to you be for any cleaning takes place. This will be an agreed upon price for carpet cleaning services.

2. Pre-Vacuum: It is important to have our technicians to vacuum over your carpets to ensure there are no large particles or dirt that are lying loosely on the surface.

3. Specialty Stain Removal & Repair: Before your steam cleaning takes place our technician will perform any specialty stain removal or repairs to the flooring. This work will be outlined in the pre-inspection estimate. Our trained and certified technicians are prepared to remove all stains or residue. This may include, red stains, protein stains, grease, blood, urine, etc. ProKleen technicians are also trained to perform repairs to flooring, including carpet patching, re-stretching, transitioning and seaming.

4. Pre-Conditioning: Specially formulated agents will prepare your carpet for maximum soil suspension. These agents will remove soil and other harmful elements that become embedded deep into your carpet which over time ruin your carpets appearance and color.

5. Steam Cleaning: High Powered “Steam Extraction”: Cleaning solution under high pressure and temperature are sprayed into the carpet fibers, our powerful vacuums immediately extract the cleaning agent along with soil, leaving your carpets fresh and clean with “no soap” residue to attract future soiling.

6. Post Treatments: After the carpet has been steam cleaned, the technician will apply any necessary post treatments. This includes deodorizers or odor counteractant products depending on the inspection notes.

7. Carpet & Fabric Protector: Dupont/Teflon Carpet Protector: Recommended often every annual cleaning to protect from future stains or severe soiling. Your carpet will carefully be treated with carpet protector by our Certified Service Technicians. Carpets are then raked and fluffed to ensure proper drying and to restore the original luster of the fiber.

8. Carpet Grooming: The technician goes over the freshly cleaned carpet with an industrial pile brush to reset the carpet pile and nap direction to ensure a fast and even drying process, as well as to disperse any post-treatment products evenly throughout the carpet. High powered air movers are used in some cases depending on carpet density and preferred drying time of the customer.

9. Post Inspection: It is a chance for the customer to walk through with the technician and asses and inspect the finished product. Make sure everything has been done to the customer’s satisfaction and answer any questions the customer may have regarding their cleaning. It’s a great opportunity to address or schedule any future cleaning needs with the technician.

10. Invoicing Time of Payment: Pro Kleen does not bill customers for residential cleanings. Payment is due at time of service. Pro Kleen accepts all forms of payment including ALL Major Credit and Debit Cards. This amount owed is based on the inspection notes and the written estimate that was agreed upon prior to work beginning. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS or SURPRISE CHARGES.