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Organic Carpet Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Organic Carpet Cleaning

Traditional carpet cleaners generally leave a concentrated vapor hanging in the air, which causes indoor air pollution.² Indoor air pollution is a very serious concern, as it can cause sneezing, headaches, nausea, asthma attacks, irritation to the lungs, nose, and eyes, coughing, congestion, fatigue, and a host of other symptoms. By using organic carpet cleaners, the potential for mold growth is greatly reduced. Once mold develops in a carpet or carpet pad, it is nearly impossible to remove. The only alternative at that point is to replace all of it.

At ProKleen we hope to make a positive difference in your life, the life of your family & the future health of our environment. We offer 100% Green Sealed Certified & Hypoallergenic Products instead of any unnecessary hazardous cleaning chemicals which have been known to be harmful pollutants to our environment and which have been directly linked to causing a variety of health ailments. Our main objective is to always provide the healthiest and safest alternative in carpet and upholstery cleaning. We care about the health and safety of our clients. 100% all natural organic carpet cleaning. It’s the cleaner greener way to go.

In the carpet cleaning industry, 75% of cleaning companies use a wet method of carpet maintenance. By taking measures to be ‘green,’ companies create circumstances that minimize negative effects on the outdoor environment while also creating the ideal indoor environment. Low moisture carpet cleaning conserves water by producing less contaminated and harmful water waste. This method is also free from ozone-depleting chemicals and has a low VOC content. Adopting the dry method helps the environment and also helps maintain carpet by not tearing down fibers.

Traditional wet carpet cleaning requires an average of 24-hours to dry, making the section of the building being cleaned unusable. By taking hours to dry, wet cleaning also creates an environment for mold to grow and to create a musty odor. Dry cleaning allows for foot-traffic in the area being cleaned and impedes rapid re-soiling of the carpet.

Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning Grants Pass ORDry cleaning creates a healthier environment for those in the building. Each year, thousands of janitorial workers in the United States are injured using harmful cleaning products in commercial settings, which cost companies thousands of dollars in workers’ claims. According to past research by the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 27,000 janitors injure themselves each year in chemical-related injuries. Implementing more environmentally-friendly cleaning procedures can help save building owners from costly workers compensation claims. Green methods of cleaning are gentle and reduce the tearing down of certain carpet fibers. This process increases the life of most flooring surfaces. Cleaning companies using the dry cleaning process are experiencing cost savings benefits attributed to carpets replaced less often and fewer incidents with janitors.