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Oriental Rug and Drapery Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Medford, Grants Pass, Ashland OR
Oriental Rug and Draperies Cleaning Service by ProKleen (541) 857-1818

Pro Kleen is not only able to clean and maintain your carpets, but we are also well versed and trained in cleaning and maintaining Rugs and Draperies. Over time rugs and drapes can collect dirt and dust and appear to lose much of their color and flair. We understand that in many cases these are delicate and treasured items that add great personal value to your home. That is why we use sensitive and environmentally safe products to help restore and keep your rugs and drapes to their original luster.

Oriental Rugs:

Our rug cleaning process earns us repeat customers for many years. We use a tried and true cleaning method that is gentle, yet effective along with natural products and solutions to bring your rugs back to their original condition.

When dealing with oriental rugs we start by first doing a clean sweep of the rug. This removes any loose sediment and particles that may be lying on the surface of the rug.

  • We then flip the rug over and vacuum again to release any particles that may be lodged deep within the rug fibers and push them to the surface.
  • We then turn the rug back over and use our safe and soft products to lightly brush out the fibers.
  • We then use our special machines and sponges to extract the loosened dirt and sediments remaining within the rug.
  • We then use upholstery tools and sprays to bring the rug back to its original condition.

Creating a routine system of cleaning and maintaining your indoor rugs will add years of enjoyment to these housewarming items.

Get the best results
The best results for cleaning an area rug are achieved when cleaned off-site at ProKleens warehouse in Medford.

(FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY) Your rug(s) will be treated and cleaned in a temperature controlled environment and placed on an area rug drying rack to ensure proper drying process. After the cleaning and drying process, the technician will have an opportunity to inspect the area rug and determine whether it needs any additional treatment or cleaning before it is returned to the customers home or place of business. ProKleen office personnel will contact the customer and schedule a convenient time for delivery.


Drapes are a large part of the atmosphere of a home and need to be maintained and cleaned properly. Pro Kleen’s professional cleaning technicians have years of experience restoring draperies back to their youth. Our methods have been approved by our many customers that love when we are able to restore not only their drapes to their original condition, but the overall feel of a room.

  • When cleaning draperies it is important to begin by first protecting the floor and surrounding furniture from the cleaning process.
  • We then prepare the drapes for cleaning by vacuuming front and back to remove any lose sediments, dust and cobwebs that may be present on the fabric.
  • We then use our environmentally safe dry cleaning solution to loosen any embedded particles and dust that may be stuck on the drapes.
  • We then use our top of the line machines to extract particles and allergens while restoring your drapes to “just hung” condition.