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Upholstery Cleaning Medford – Ashland – Grants Pass

Furniture Cleaning Medford, Grants Pass, Ashland, OR

“Upholstery cleaning should only be performed by a certified cleaning company”

Upholstery Cleaning Cleaning Services by ProKleen (541) 857-1818

Service Area: Grants Pass, Medford, Ashland, Eagle Point, Southern Oregon & Northern California.

Upholstery has unique properties which may require special handling skills. The fabric type, colorfastness, dimensional stability, cushion surface and stuffing need to be determined before the upholstery cleaning process can begin. Our experienced IICRC Certified Technicians are specially trained in the care of all kinds of upholstery. Our Technicians will use the proper cleaning solution best suited for your furniture. We use the most up to date equipment as well as cleaning products. As an added option we recommend the use of a fabric protector that will improve and preserve the color, beauty, and life of the upholstery. Drying times will vary depending on the type as well as the condition of the upholstery. By using special equipment we minimize overall drying time without causing any shrinkage or other problems.

Our Process:

ProKleen is the recognized professionals when it comes to making sure you get the longest life out of your upholstery and furniture. Our process is specially designed to ensure your furniture is cleaned correctly.

We start by preparing the area where the upholstery will be cleaned. We use protective sheets to prevent any kind of damage to other items in the room.

We then perform a Pre-Vacuum on the upholstery. This helps to remove all the loose particles and soil from the creases, cracks, and crevices.

Next, we use a Pre-Treat solution specially designed for your particular fabric type, this emulsifies the dirt within the upholstery.

Our Technician visually examines the upholstery for anything that looks like a difficult spot and then pre-treats those areas with specially formulated solutions.

We then proceed to what is known as a Pre-Groom. The fabric is gently brushed with upholstery brushes to loosen up any additional dirt and particles.

The dirt and soil are then extracted from the fabric through a series of controlled rinses.

Once the rinse process is completed a neutralizer is then applied to maintain the fresh and healthy feel of your upholstery.

Once the upholstery cleaning process is completed our technicians make a second examination, looking for any remaining spots and if necessary apply our special stain removing solution.

A Post-Groom is then completed to ensure the removal of any remaining dirt and soil.

Since the upholstery will be damp, we speed up the drying process with placement of turbo-dryers.

Once drying is complete our Technician will do a final inspection and make sure you are happy with the results.

We have the expertise and experience to clean and maintain everything from Sofas, Loveseats, Chairs, Ottomans, Recliners, Desk Chairs, Dining Room Chairs and more.

We are also experienced cleaning furniture surfaces such as Leather, Synthetics, Silk, Cotton, Velvet, and all other “cleanable” fabrics.