There’s a good chance you don’t think about cleaning your home’s dryer duct too often. Unfortunately, this can be a big mistake. Clogged ducts can pose serious risks. Here’s how to know when your home needs dryer duct cleaning.

How Often Should I Have Dryer Duct Cleaning?

If you have never had your dryer duct cleaned, you should schedule an appointment now. Most experts recommend having the ducts of your dryer and other vents cleaned at least once per year.  However, some households may need to be cleaned more frequently. If you notice any of the following, it’s time to call the local dryer duct cleaning experts.

  • The exterior of your dryer is hot
  • Your clothes are taking longer to dry
  • Your laundry is very hot when you remove it from the dryer
  • The area or room where you do laundry feels humid or unusually warm
  • The lint traps are fuller than usual

All of these are considered red flags that your dryer ducts are clogged and need to be cleaned as soon as possible.

Three Reasons You Need to Regularly Clean Dryer Ducts

Dryer ducts need to be cleaned to prevent financial or physical injury. Here are three reasons you should have your ducts cleaned regularly.

1. Clogged Ducts Start Fires

It is no secret that clogged ducts put you, your family, and your home at greater risk of a fire. Clogged ducts cause electrical hazards such as short circuits. Clogs can also lead to your dryer overheating and sparking a fire. In fact, the U.S. Fire Administration reports that dryers cause 2,900 home fires each year. Similarly, gas dryers that don’t have proper ventilation can lead to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

2. Clogged Ducts Can Lead to Mold Growth

Clogged ducts increase the humidity in your home. This can lead not only to water damage but also to the growth of potentially hazardous mold. To prevent mold growth, and water damage caused by condensation, schedule a dryer duct cleaning at least once per year. This can help keep you and your family safe and protect your investment in your home. Incidentally, if you do discover mold, before removing it yourself, you may want to schedule a mold inspection, and/or professional mold removal.

3. Clogged Ducts Lead to Decreased Efficiency

Your dryer cannot function the way it is designed to if the ducts are clogged. The machine must work harder to vent properly, driving your efficiency down. You will find that you need to dry clothes longer, which drives your energy usage up. That translates to increased utility bills.

Professional Duct Cleaning in Southern Oregon

For the past three decades and counting, ProKleen has provided professional, affordable dryer duct cleaning, air duct cleaning, and emergency restoration services. As a 2020 Best of Home Advisor Winner, ProKleen is proud to be an IICRC Certified Firm. We provide the area’s most trusted cleaning and restoration services for homes and businesses in Southern Oregon. To schedule duct cleaning, water damage cleanup, mold testing, or emergency restoration, call 541-857-1818.