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Should I add Scotchgard ® to my carpet or upholstery?

Published April 27th, 2016 in Blog | No Comments »

Should I add Scotchgard ® to my carpet or upholstery?

The next time your carpet care professional visits your home, he/she may ask you if you want a protector like Scotchgard® or Teflon® applied after the cleaning is done.

Protectors are a terrific and inexpensive way to prevent costly damage to carpet or upholstery. Because of their unique chemistry, protectors act like a shield on carpet and upholstery fibers so most spills are repelled, giving you the chance to grab a towel and blot it up before it becomes a permanent stain. (Remember to always blot, never rub when cleaning up a spill!)

A protector won’t change the way your carpet feels, either – it will still be soft and fluffy. But you’ll know it’s there the moment you see a nasty spill hovering above the fibers instead of sinking down into them.

Your carpet care professional has the tools to easily apply a protector to your entire carpeting, or just the high traffic areas, such as hallways, dining rooms, or living rooms – anywhere that food spills and other stains are most frequent. Most upholstery can be protected, as well.

So the next time we have the opportunity to clean the carpet in your home, we hope you’ll also allow us to help protect it against future spills and stains. We care about the cleanliness of your home and are happy to offer this extra service to keep your carpet and upholstery looking beautiful!