If your home was built before 1990 and you haven’t remodeled it, you may still have materials in your home that contain asbestos. One of the most common home features known to contain asbestos is popcorn ceiling. These are also commonly called stucco ceilings, cottage cheese ceilings, or acoustic ceilings. If your home has this type of ceiling, it’s also very possible that your home contains asbestos and that you may need asbestos removal services.

More Materials That Contain Asbestos

The Environmental Protection Agency partially banned asbestos in 1989. However, homes built before that routinely used products that contained asbestos. There are many products in your home that may contain asbestos. These products include home insulation, shingles, siding, sheetrock, ceiling tiles, and concrete. Are you concerned that there may be asbestos in your home? Asbestos testing can help reassure you that your family’s health isn’t at risk. It can also show you where asbestos is so you can schedule professional, safe asbestos removal and disposal.

What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber that is found in rocks and soil. Asbestos is naturally resistant to electricity, chemicals, and electricity. This is why it was used widely in construction projects, including residential and commercial properties. These microscopic fibers can be inhaled by residents or employees. When inhaled, the fibers can cause potentially life-threatening diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.

Asbestos Removal in Southern Oregon

If you believe your home or commercial property has asbestos, you need to contact Oregon’s best asbestos removal company. Mishandling of products that contain asbestos can lead to exposure and inhalation. This is because the fibers can quickly become airborne. Unfortunately, there is no safe level of asbestos exposure. That’s why professionals will wear respirators and protective clothing. This keeps them safe while removing the contaminated material from your home.

An asbestos abatement company will follow a strict protocol for safe asbestos removal, which includes:

  • Creating a double barrier containment system
  • Sealing all vents
  • Creating negative air pressure
  • Installment of a top-of-the-line decontamination system
  • Cleanup with a HEPA vacuum
  • Disposal of all materials in secure, certified containers
  • Removal of contaminated materials to landfills designated for products containing asbestos per state and federal regulations

Because of the serious health risks posed by asbestos, technicians will also go through a decontamination protocol after removing and disposing of the material.

If My Home Has Asbestos, Do I Need to See a Doctor?

Asbestos in products that are not damaged does not pose a health risk. However, if any materials that contain asbestos have been damaged, the asbestos fibers may have become airborne. If you believe you were exposed to airborne asbestos fibers, the EPA recommends consulting with a physician specializing in lung disorders or occupational disorders.

Professional Asbestos Removal and Disposal in Southern Oregon

ProKleen is a top-rated cleaning and restoration company serving Southern Oregon. As a 2020 Best of Home Advisor Winner, ProKleen is proud to be an IIRC Certified Firm. All ProKleen technicians are trained, certified, and prepared for emergency cleaning and restoration. To schedule asbestos testing and removal services, please call 541-857-1818.