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mold testing and removal

Mold Testing in Southern Oregon

Mold Testing in Southern Oregon
If you think that mold is growing in your house or business, ProKleen can help. Often, mold emerges in humid environments or after water damage. You may be able to see or smell it in your house, but it also can hide within walls and stay mostly unseen. Regardless of whether you can see it, mold spores can cause allergies, infections, and inflammation. At ProKleen, we offer mold inspections and mold testing, along with mold removal and remediation. Contact us today for a free consultation to begin the mold damage restoration process.

Mold Inspections to Start Restoring Your Space

A mold inspection is the first step towards identifying whether there is mold growing in your house or business. Our technicians are MICRO Certified Mold Inspectors and will identify moisture sources and document the moisture and temperature levels. We then use this information to evaluate hidden and visible mold growth and develop our plan for mold testing.

Common Places to Find Mold

  • Basement
  • Attic
  • Crawlspace

Some Key Signs of Mold Presence

  • Visible, out of the ordinary growths in your household
  • Distinctive, strong odors
  • Past water damage or moisture issues

Mold Testing to Map Out Mold Growth

Mold testing is a critical step to determine the location and extent of mold growth within your property. We require at least one air sample from inside and outside your property to know the levels of mold spores in the air. If needed, we bring in a certified third party hygienist to conduct more extensive sampling. Once samples are gathered, they are processed by a certified testing facility to confirm the mold type and mold levels. Generally, you will have the test results in three to five business days.

Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation

To get started with the mold damage restoration process, we encourage you to call us for a free consultation. During our conversation, we can discuss possible sources of mold, our inspection and testing procedures, and the mold removal and remediation process.

mold testing and removal

Mold Removal Throughout Southern Oregon

If mold is detected in your home or business, mold removal is a necessary step to return your space to its pre-loss condition. Our team will contain mold-infested spaces and physically remove contaminated materials. We clean all salvageable framing and dry wet materials to ensure that mold will not return.

Proposing a Mold Remediation Plan

Once we remove mold from your home, we begin the remediation process. Our team of MICRO Certified Remediation Contractors develops a written proposal of our remediation plan to return your home to a safe space. Often, this includes containment, HEPA air filtration, and cleaning with EPA registered products.

Get our mold remediation services in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas!

Providing a Clearance Test and Report

We follow up mold removal and remediation with air testing to ensure there is no presence of mold. We may perform this test or bring in a third party to do so. Once completed, we give you a written clearance test report confirming the results.

Mold Prevention Services

No one wants mold to grow in their home or business. To prevent the future growth of mold, we can apply a specially formulated primer to protect your property. We encourage all of our clients to consider this since mold prevention is far less expensive than removing mold later on.

Get Started With a Free Consultation

We offer our clients a free consultation over the phone to discuss all parts of the mold damage restoration process. We are happy to answer any questions you have about mold testing, removal, and service expenses as well as health and safety concerns. Call us today to learn more or schedule a mold removal appointment.

Mold Testing and Removal

Mold Testing and Removal

  • Complete mold testing inside your home or business
  • Timely and thorough mold removal
  • Mold prevention services to protect your home against the development of mold

Mold loves our climate and can grow year round in homes and businesses throughout Southern Oregon. Some common mold issues include:

Mildew vs Mold: Is There a Difference?

Most people know that mold can pose health risks, and is particularly hazardous in high concentrations. But what about mildew? Is mildew the same as mold? What are the key differences between mildew vs mold? How are mold and mildew treated in homes? Read on to learn...

Black Mold: What to Know About the Toxic Mold That Grows Indoors

Finding mold in your home can be frightening. However, molds are unbelievably common and in small quantities are harmless to most people. Of all the thousands of types of molds, black mold has gotten most of the media attention, even though current research holds that...

Do I Need to Hire a Professional for Mold Removal?

Mold is everywhere. The Centers for Disease Control states that “there is always a little mold everywhere-in the air and on many surfaces.” So, you can safely remove small amounts of mold, such as mold that grows in your toilet or shower. However, the CDC goes on to...

4 Mold Control Tips for your Carpet

It’s easy to remove mold on hard surfaces, but very difficult on carpets, making it a health risk. Here are 4 tips to prevent mold growth in your carpets.

Prevent Attic Mold and Learn How to Remove It

Attics are prone to mold growth, providing just the right conditions (hot, humid) and an abundant food source from the wood sheathing. When mold grows on surfaces, spores can be released into the air where they can be easily inhaled, leading to a variety of negative...

Mold on Walls: Find It, Remove It, And Keep It from Coming Back!

Finding mold on walls in your home can be frustrating and frightening. After all, mold releases allergens and potentially dangerous irritants known as mycotoxins. Mold is especially hazardous to individuals with compromised immune systems or breathing problems such as...

How to Remove Mold from Wood: Step-by-Step Guide

Mold is a fungus, and it grows on food, cardboard, wood products, and other organic matter. It thrives in moist, warm conditions and grows on a damp surface within 24 to 48 hours. It will continue to grow until moisture is reduced and the mold is eliminated. Mold is...

Remove Mold In Toilet and Prevent It from Coming Back

That annoying black ring in the toilet bowl, usually lurking right at the water line, is more common than you think. Mold in toilets comes in other colors too – green or grey. Read on to find out what mold in toilet is and why it keeps showing up as well as how to...

Bathroom Mold Removal with These Simple Tips

Finding mold anywhere in your home can be unsettling. Certain types of molds can cause health problems. If you’re concerned that mold in your home may be dangerous, contact a professional for mold testing and remediation. However, it’s important to remember that mold...

Mold Inspection Benefits for Homeowners and Business Owners

Given the right environment, mold can spread throughout your home or business and cause damage and expensive repairs. Additionally, mold can be extremely harmful to the health of your family or employees. Business owners, homeowners, and those in the process of buying...

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