Building materials containing asbestos (a mineral found to cause cancer) were commonly used in homes and commercial properties before the late 1980s. Asbestos is commonly found in insulation. Asbestos may also be found in ceilings, roofs, flooring, coatings, and other materials in your home. If you’re unsure when your property was built or if you’re planning a renovation or demolition project on a property built before 2004, you’ll need to schedule an asbestos test due to updated requirements and new findings indicating certain companies continue to use asbestos despite it becoming illegal.


3 Factors that Determine What is Involved in an Asbestos Test?

Although DIY asbestos home testing kits are available, there are valid questions about their reliability. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises against taking samples on your own due to the potential risk of exposure.

Instead, the EPA recommends hiring a “trained and accredited asbestos professional” to test your home. The test involves the careful removal of a sample or multiple samples to send to a lab for testing.

If the results do not show asbestos, there’s nothing further you’ll need to do. However, if asbestos is found, you’ll need to schedule professional asbestos removal.


What to Expect During Professional Asbestos Removal

If your ceiling or insulation is found to have asbestos, the professional asbestos removal company will employ safety measures for you and your loved ones using a variety of protective measures: 

  • Creating a double barrier containment system
  • Sealing all vents
  • Creating negative air pressure
  • Installation of high-tech decontamination systems
  • High Efficiency Particulate (HEPA) Vacuuming to clean after removal
  • Disposal of contaminated materials in secure, certified containers
  • Relocation of contaminated waste materials to designated landfills


Signs that You May Have Asbestos in Your Home or Property

The only way to know if your home or commercial property has asbestos is to schedule an asbestos test. However, a few warning signs may indicate a greater likelihood that your home or commercial property contains asbestos.  

  • Your home was built before 2004
  • You have vinyl flooring or sheeting
  • You have corrugated roofing (cement roof shingles)
  • You have popcorn ceilings
  • You have significant dust on surfaces in your home
  • You have block insulation in your home
  • You have pipe insulation that looks like cardboard
  • Your insulation looks like small pebbles (vermiculite)

Asbestos is not always visible to the naked eye and must be identified with a microscope in a laboratory. If you are concerned about asbestos in your house, schedule a professional asbestos test.


Book an Asbestos Inspection and Removal in Southern Oregon

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