Nobody expects to become a victim of a house fire. Unfortunately, a home fire is reported every 93 seconds in America. In addition to claiming nearly 4,000 lives each year, losses from fires total nearly $13 Billion each year. Although cooking and kitchen fires are responsible for most home fires, your HVAC system, electrical systems, and smoking also lead to fires in the home. Here’s what to know about preventing a house fire, and what to do if you suffer a fire in your home.


Preventing a House Fire

Everyone knows that it is important to turn off the oven after use and to keep fabrics such as curtains clear of any heat source. But oftentimes, some of the biggest risks for a fire are hidden from sight. 

Because your HVAC unit poses a significant fire hazard risk, it’s smart to have an annual tune up. In addition, clogged HVAC ducts are a known fire hazard, especially if your furnace runs on gas. 

To protect all that you’ve worked for, and all the people you love, it’s smart to have a professional duct cleaning periodically. Collections of dust that have accumulated over time can easily catch fire. If you can’t remember the last time they were cleaned, it’s likely time to book an appointment. Incidentally, the company who cleans your ducts will also clean your dryer duct, which also poses a fire risk.

Old and damaged appliances and electrical outlets also cause a lot of fires. These can quickly catch carpet on fire, which can engulf a room or home in just minutes. If you see worn or frayed cords, or an outlet that doesn’t appear to be connected properly, it’s important to call an electrician to ensure you’re not putting yourself at risk for a fire. 

Lastly, do not smoke anything inside your home. If you or your partner is a smoker, you should go outside. The risk of a house fire, if anyone or anything is smoked in the home, is significantly higher than in non-smoking homes.  


When Disaster Strikes: What to Do After a Fire

Unfortunately, even with your best efforts, it is still possible to experience a house fire. If you become a victim of a fire, it is important that you take the proper steps to clean up after the fire. 

It is best to hire an emergency restoration company that provides complete fire restoration services, including property cleaning, roof boarding, smoke and odor removal, fabric cleaning, soot cleanup, and other fire damage restorations as needed.  Although you may be inclined to try to clean up your home on your own, it may not be safe to do so. Toxic elements remain in your home and in the air following a fire.  Moreover, because hard to reach areas including ducts will also need to be cleaned, it is best to hire a company that specializes in fire damage cleanup and restoration.  


24/7 Fire Damage Restoration Services in Oregon

If you’ve experienced a house fire, ProKleen is here to help. Our top-reviewed team of fire damage restoration technicians will ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned, that water damage hasn’t led to mold growth, and that the air in your home is safe.  For emergency services, call 541-857-1818, or send us a message.