A flooded basement is more than just a nuisance. Flooding can cause damage to your belongings, and if not fixed quickly, it can cause serious damage to your home. Even worse, lasting water damage can lead to the growth of mold, which can cause health problems. So, it’s important to act quickly at the first sign of leaking or flooding. Use our six-step flooded basement cleanup guide to manage a flood and restore your home to its previous condition.   

Step 1: Shut Off Power

If you suspect your basement has flooded, turn off the power in the basement. If you don’t know how to cut the power using a circuit breaker, contact an electrician. Never go down into your flooded basement with the power on, as this can cause electrocution.

Step 2: Call a Trusted Flood Expert

Before wading into your basement, contact a company known for excellent flooded basement cleanup services. Experienced, reputable restoration companies like ProKleen offer 24-hour emergency service. You may want to wait until they arrive before moving onto the next step. 

Step 3: Investigate with Caution 

Once you’ve called a home repair and restoration service, and the power is shut off, you may decide to go downstairs to see the damage. If you do, be careful to protect yourself from things that may be in the water. Dangerous chemicals, sewage, and other pollutants may be present, so proceed with extreme caution. Wear waterproof boots, gloves, and a face mask.

Step 4: Remove Wet or Damp Items

Once your repair team has arrived, they will likely have a list of things you can do to salvage items or otherwise remove them from the area. Everything needs to be dried completely in a well-ventilated area to prevent mold from forming. Follow all instructions provided by the cleaning and restoration company.  

Step 5: Clean Floors, Walls, Basements

After the cleanup is complete, you may need to clean your walls, floors, and surfaces. However, if there are signs that mold has begun to grow, it is best to trust the removal and remediation process to MICRO certified experts to safely remove mold and remediate your home. Some individuals who are sensitive to mold can get extremely sick from mold, so it is best to exercise caution if you smell mildew or see signs of mold.  

Step 6: Waterproof Your Basement

Finally, to prevent flooding in the future, you’ll need to waterproof your basement. This may include the addition of a perimeter drainage system or sump pump. It could require flooring removal and replacement, insulation and drywall replacement, and other remodeling services to ensure it won’t flood again.  

Flooded Basement Cleanup in Southern Oregon

Now, in our 27th year of service to Southern Oregon, ProKleen provides the region’s best cleaning and restoration services. Chosen as a Best of Home Advisor Winner for 2020, ProKleen is an IIRC Certified Firm that provides emergency restoration and cleaning services for homes and businesses throughout Southern Oregon.

Our 24-hour assistance includes flooded basement cleanup services and restoration for both homes and businesses. To schedule emergency flood services, call 541-857-1818.