Experiencing a house fire or an office fire can be devastating. From the loss of cherished belongings to properties needing to be restored, fires leave behind a huge mess. The first step in moving forward is securing an experienced, professional fire damage cleanup crew. Fire damage restoration companies can help you to start putting the pieces back together virtually immediately.  But the time fire damage may take to restore may range from a few days to many weeks. Here’s what determines how long the fire damage cleanup process will take.


3 Factors that Determine How Long It Will Take for Complete Fire Damage Cleanup 

  • Size of the Fire
    If you had a relatively small kitchen fire, for example, the entire fire damage cleanup process, including cleaning, structural restoration, and minor rebuilds, may only take a week or so. 

  • Scope of the Damage
    Home and office fires often cause fire, water, smoke, soot, or odor damage. If the fire in your property results in the fire department putting out the fire with water, you should expect the fire damage cleanup process to take at least a month. Consider that the property will first need to be thoroughly dried. Many, but not all, fire restoration companies also provide water damage repair and restoration, saving you from hiring multiple companies.

    Home and office fires can potentially disrupt potentially hazardous materials, including asbestos, which will need to be removed by a company experienced in the safe removal (abatement) of asbestos. Although asbestos is no longer found in insulation, properties built before the 1980s often still contain asbestos insulation.

    Thirdly, different types of fires result in various types of soot on walls, roofs, and even exteriors of buildings. Soot contains harmful chemicals that, if not properly and thoroughly removed, can not only smell bad but also put your health at risk.

    The rebuilding process can also take a long time, depending upon the scope of reconstruction required. If it is apparent that you will need reconstruction, it’s best to hire an emergency restoration company that holds a general contractor’s license and the required insurance. That way, the company that removes the water and soot and cleans up the mess can begin reconstruction as soon as the damage has been cleaned. This can expedite the fire damage cleanup process.

  • Experience of the Fire Restoration Company
    If you’ve suffered from a fire, it can save you a great deal of time in the cleanup process if you select an emergency restoration company that has been in the business of restoring properties for a long time. They will have the latest tools, equipment, and skills to get your property cleaned, restored, and rebuilt faster than lesser experienced restoration companies.


Award-Winning Home and Office Fire Cleanup Services in South Oregon

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