Flooding in your home or business, whether from heavy rains or a malfunctioning appliance, can be devastating and stressful. Our water damage restoration service will help you get back to normal more quickly and safely. But it’s just as important for you to learn what steps to take while help is on the way.

Turn Off the Power

To prevent further damage, shut off your power, but only if it is safe to do so. If you need to enter or stand in wet areas, call an electrician for help.

Wear Protective Gear

Once the electricity has been turned off and it is safe to enter your home or business, wear boots and gloves. This will protect you from any bacteria that may be lurking in standing water.

Take Pictures and Call Your Insurance Company

An invaluable way to prepare for an emergency is by creating an inventory of your valuables and organizing important receipts. This extends to photographing your home or office inside and out. Having a current inventory will help expedite your insurance claim in case of loss or damage

It’s equally important to take pictures after water damage occurs and during the cleanup. If there are dark areas with less light, consider a headlamp or ask a family member or friend to hold a flashlight. Make a list of each and every damaged item (the before and after pictures will help!) and note the value of each item. 

Depending on the insurance, you may also be required to photograph serial numbers of more expensive items, such as appliances, before filing a claim. If you have receipts, even better. Tape receipts to plain white copy paper to help organize them. 

Make sure to call your insurance company as soon as possible so they can assess the damage and determine what losses are covered. 

Find Accommodations

If your home is unsafe or deemed uninhabitable, make arrangements as soon as you can to stay with friends or family or at a nearby hotel. 

Rescue Your Valuables

Prioritize what items are most important for you to salvage. If possible, set a tarp down in a safe, dry location for these critical items to start drying.

Remove Excess Humidity

Mold and mildew begin growing after the first 24 hours, making it essential to get professional help fast. One of the most important things to consider when hiring a water damage restoration service is how quickly and effectively they can begin the water extraction process. 

Additionally, a water damage restoration service will have the proper drying equipment to fully dry your property so that mold and mildew don’t keep growing. 

Professional Water Damage Restoration Service in Southern Oregon

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