Insufficient seals, cracked pipes, leaking roofs, or flooding can lead to a potentially dangerous mess in your home in less than a day. While you’ll need professional restoration after water damage, the type of service you need will depend upon the extent of the damage. Read on for a water mitigation guide to stay informed and prepared in the event of an emergency.

What Is Water Mitigation?

Water mitigation is a process in which professional water damage companies prevent the current water damage from spreading. A part of the mitigation process may also include demolition. Not every case will involve demolition, but when water spreads along the floor and butts up against the walls, it is often the case that the water will find cracks to flow into. In these cases, water will get to the insulation that is inside the wall and then it will begin to creep upwards. The longer water sits like that the more likely it will spread upwards to 4 or 6 feet. We use Moisture Meters to determine if this is happening and if it is we remove the drywall and insulation.

Additionally, the floor will likely have to come out depending on what type of floor it is and its quality. The longer the water stands, the more time it has to seep down into the flooring and possibly even down to the crawlspace under the house. If our moisture meters indicate the moisture has seeped into the floor, we tear out the flooring, usually down to the subfloor.

First Steps for Water Mitigation

At the start of the mitigation process, we will shut off electricity and water and begin to remove standing water as quickly as possible. Next, we will begin drying the areas that have been affected. We will use some combination of equipment that may include pumps, vacuums, Air Movers, and dehumidifiers to begin drying the area that was damaged. The whole water mitigation process takes anywhere from 3 to 7 days, depending on the size of the water spread and where the water went.

What Is Water Remediation?

Water remediation will always begin with mitigation as the first step. But remediation goes further and includes the cleaning and sanitizing of salvageable furniture and carpets. Your water remediation professionals may also make minor repairs to patch holes.

What Is Water Damage Restoration?

Restoration is a more involved process and is necessary if your home has sustained considerable damage, such as structural damage to your roof, walls, or ceilings. It may require the installation of new pipes and the removal and replacement of carpets. In the worst cases, where the water damage has been extensive and mold has begun to grow, you may need complete mold remediation before reconstructing a room.

What Types of Water Damage Services Are Available?

Professional restoration companies will be familiar with all types of water damage including:

  • Sewer backups
  • Cracked pipes
  • Overflowed toilets
  • Overflowed shower/tub
  • Flooded crawlspace
  • Leaking roof/ceiling

Is Water Damage Covered by Insurance?

If you have water damage due to a flood, it’s not likely to be covered by insurance unless you have flood insurance. Likewise, floods caused by backed-up sump pumps will probably not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. However, leaks caused by natural disasters, such as a tree falling on your roof or frozen pipes that leak due to wintry weather, are often covered by insurance.

Tips for Preventing Water Damage in Your Home

To best safeguard your home from water damage, follow these tips:

  • Seal windows with caulk
  • Seal bathtubs and showers with caulk
  • Insulate pipes with foam during winter months
  • Let faucets drip when the temperature drops
  • Remove hoses from exterior faucets
  • Inspect your foundation for leaks and seal them
  • Replace worn roof tiles or shingles
  • Repair chipped tiles in the shower/tub
  • Contact a water damage company if you see signs of water damage
  • Contact a mold testing company if you notice mildew or mold smells

Professional Water Mitigation Services in Oregon

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you may be, you may experience water damage in your home. As soon as you notice any signs of problems, contact ProKleen, Oregon’s top-rated water damage company. We provide emergency water damage service 24 hours a day. Call 541-857-1818 or send us a message online.